3rd Earl of Egremont (1751-1837)

Poor Image Lord Egremont

Coultershaw has always been part of the Manor of Petworth, which is now within the Leconfield Estate.

George O’Brien Wyndham was born in 1751 and succeeded to the title, the 3rd Earl of Egremont before he was 12 years old. Until the 1780s he spent much of his time in London being a man around town, attending court balls and spending time in the company of beautiful woman.

He took very little interest in political life but was interested in science and literature, and became a great patron of the arts. The artist, JMW Turner, was a close friend spending time at Petworth House, where many of his paintings are displayed today.

The Earl’s other interests included improving his estates. These included supporting horse-racing, cattle breeding, agriculture and improvements to water transport.